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Hardware and Software Support

Al Jazeera provide best services supportand sale of Hardware and software. We will build your office, Company and Bank IT infrastacture. , We also build disaster recovery site for your production Data center. Offshore data storage facility will be facilitated. Low current projects we undertake. We do turn key project too.

Data Center support services

We at Al Jazeera focused on your unique business needs and will work hard to ensure your network is in safe hands with managed services for your data center, With our managed data center support services, you have all the support you need with your data center management. As a service, we can provide the people, security, and technology that your business needs to optimize IT infrastructure. And knowing how busy you are running your operation, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will support your facility 24/7, 365 days

Fire Alram system & CCTV Support

The world is changing and so are security risks. That’s why we are always investing in our security systems to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations and needs, even as the type and severity of security risks evolve. This means always keeping up with new and innovative security technology developments.

Cable structure streamlined services

One simple cabling system also reduces power and maintenance costs, and eliminates the time and money spent on locating and rectifying any issues. A structured cabling system provides an enhanced level of flexibility – helping to improve performance and drive business growth.

Telecom Solutions

Design and implementation of Inside Plant (ISP) and Out Side Plant (OSP) Construction, Implementation for OPTICAL FIBER, UTP, COAX and all kind of other Copper Cable for Primary and Secondary Networks and also for Electrical Cable Installation Projects.

Fiber Optic Networks

We provide A to Z solution for all kinds of Underground fiber optic. Copper cable laying works for OSP in the long distance & short haul.We are well experienced in the provision and installation of multiple fiber together with the termination and testing.

Data Networking and computer connectivity

Many customers do not run data lines for a business’s computer network. Not only that, but it takes some efforts for computer professionals to know the types of things that can cause interference on a computer network and how to avoid those problems. This process is often much cheaper when it is done during the construction phase of new building. We also do provide wiring in existing structure.

Local Area Networking System

Data communication for sharing, processing and creating information program management for LAN.Operation and Maintenance of LANInstallation of equipment for LAN / WAN Installation and commissioning of ISDN networks

Solar Energy system

We aspire our company to be a market leader in the renewable energy business through introduction of new technologies/applications that could save in usage of our precious natural resources like oil, gas and coal. Our aim is to also accelerate the integration of solar technology in various industries thereby helping our customers in adopting environmentally friendly equipment which help in reducing green-house gas emissions.